Learn Russian online: Back to school with Vovochka

Back to school with Vovochka

Have you done your Russian homework? Well, good for you! Because Vovochka – the hero of today's dialog – didn't do his homework that well, and now he has to deal with the consequences. Let's meet him and his teacher Maria Ivanovna and see what the Russian school system looks like.

In today's grammar, we'll get to know the verbal aspect – an important part of the Russian tense system. 


Мария Ивановна: Во´вочка, мне интере´сно, как ты писа´л сочине´ние?
Maria Ivanovna: Vovochka, I wonder: How did you write your essay?
Вовочка: Ну, я чита´л и писа´л. Прочита´л главу´ написа´л страни´цу.
Vovochka: Well, I was reading and writing. I finished one chapter – I wrote one page.
Мария Ивановна: Но так нельзя´. Снача´ла на´до прочита´ть кни´гу. Это "Война´ и мир"!
Maria Ivanovna: But you can't do that. First, you have to read the whole book. It's "War and Peace"!
Вовочка: Марьива´нна, дава´йте че´стно. Это четы´ре кни´ги. Я прочита´л две.
Vovochka: MariVanna, let's be fair. It's four volumes. I finished two.
Мария Ивановна: Тогда´ я тебе´ ста´влю два. По-мо´ему, всё че´стно!
Maria Ivanovna: Then I'm giving you a Two (D). All seems fair to me!


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