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Three stations

Moscow is an awesome city full of architectural surprises. For instance, here is this impressive square – Комсомольская площадь. It seems to be filled with magnificent castles and cathedrals, or isn't it? Actually, all those buildings are railway stations, and today we'll take a closer look at them.

You already know how to ask for a person's name in Russian. In today's grammar, we'll find out how to ask for the names of objects – and how to give an answer, too.


Турист: Как называ´ется тот дом? Э´то теа´тр?
Tourist: What's the name of that building? Is this a theatre?
Девушка: Нет, это Ленингра´дский вокза´л.
Woman accompanying him: No, it's Leningradsky Railway Station.
Турист: Ничего´ себе´ вокза´л! А что э´то за за´мок?
Tourist: That's some station! And what is that castle?
Девушка: Э´то не за´мок, а Яросла´вский вокза´л.
Woman: This is not a castle. This is Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal.
Турист: Опя´ть вокза´л? Ну и дела´!
Tourist: A station again? Wow!
Девушка: Коне´чно. Э´то ме´сто называ´ется пло´щадь трёх вокза´лов.
Woman: Of course. This place is called the Square of the Three Stations.
Турист: А где тогда´ тре´тий? Ви´жу то´лько собо´р.
Tourist: And where is the third? I see only a cathedral.
Девушка: Э´тот собо´р называ´ется Каза´нский вокза´л.
Woman: This cathedral is called Kazansky Terminal.
Турист: Ну, Москва´! Ну и ну...
Tourist: Oh, Moscow! Oh, my.


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