Learn Russian online: A friend, not a boyfriend

A friend, not a boyfriend

When meeting people, it's better to clarify the girlfriend/boyfriend issue right up front so that you don't fall in love too soon. Or so that you can start falling, if the coast is clear. And, as a foreigner meeting Russian girls, you're in for some nice surprises in this lesson!

In today's grammar, we'll learn the Russian versions of "my"/"your" – "мой"/"твой", and count from 11 to 19.


Оля: О, приве´т!
Olya: Oh, hello!
Подруга: Приве´т.
A girlfriend: Hello.
Франсуа: Приве´т.
Francois: Hello.
Подруга: Познако´мься, О´ля, э´то мой друг Франсуа´. Франсуа´, э´то О´ля.
Girlfriend: Let me introduce you, Olya. This is my friend (a friend of mine) Francois. Francois, this is Olya.
Оля: Ого´! И давно´ вы вме´сте?
Olya: Wow! And have you two been together for long?
Подруга: Нет-нет, э´то не мой молодо´й челове´к.
Girlfriend: No no, this is not my boyfriend.
Франсуа: Мы про´сто друзья´.
Francois: We're just friends.
Оля: Уф. Сла´ва Бо´гу! А мо´жно тогда´ твой телефо´н?
Olya: Uff. Thank goodness! And may I have your phone number in this case?
Франсуа: Да, коне´чно. 8-911-712-13-14 (во´семь девятьсо´т оди´ннадцать семьсо´т двена´дцать - трина´дцать четы´рнадцать).
Francois: Yes, sure. 8-911-712-13-14.


Daria Pimenova 05.09.2012
Thanks, we'll fix it!
newton36 05.09.2012
The number written out is 8-911-713-12-14

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