Learn Russian online: Supermarket


Enough of the fancy restaurants! It's time to go grocery shopping. There are plenty of shops around, and our lesson will not only help you to make the right choice, but also to talk to the salespeople.

In today's grammar, you'll learn to count hundreds – of rubles, of course – to round out your Russian shopping experience.


Мужчина: Ско´лько с меня´?
Man: How much should I pay?
Продавщица: С вас 100 (сто) рубле´й.
Saleslady: It's 100 rubles.
Мужчина: Вот.
Man: Here it is.
Продавщица: Молодо´й челове´к! Молодо´й челове´к!
Saleslady: Young man, young man!
Мужчина: А, что? Это вы мне, де´вушка?
Man: Eh? What? Are you talking to me, ma'am?
Продавщица: Ну да. Ва´ша сда´ча - 900 (девятьсо´т) рубле´й.
Saleslady: Well, yes. Your change is 900 rubles.
Мужчина: Ох, я дура´к! Спаси´бо, спаси´бо, большо´е спаси´бо!
Man: Oh, am I an idiot. Thanks, thanks, many thanks!
Женщина: Мужчи´на! Вы здесь не оди´н.
A Woman: Sir, you're not the only one here.


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