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Russian Police

Russian police are not necessarily the people you'll most enjoy encountering in Russia. All the more important to know what to expect from them, how to talk to them, and what precautions to observe – check it out in our lesson!

In today's grammar, you'll learn about Russian gender and formal possessive pronouns "ваш/ва´ша/ва´ше/ва´ши."


Полицейский: Сержа´нт Ивано´в. Ва´ши докуме´нты, пожа´луйста.
Policeman: Sergeant Ivanov. Your papers, please.
Девушка: Что, прости´те?
Girl: Sorry, what?
Полицейский: Мо´жно ваш па´спорт?
Policeman: May I have your passport?
Девушка: Вот.
Girl: Here it is.
Полицейский: Так. Чжоу Инь. Ва´ше и´мя Чжоу, ва´ша фами´лия Инь, пра´вильно?
Policeman: So. Zhou Ing. You first name is Zhou, your last name is Ing, is it right?
Девушка: Нет. Инь – это и´мя, а Чжоу – фами´лия.
Girl: No. Ing is the first name, and Zhou is the last name.
Полицейский: Хм. Стра´нно. А где ва´ша ви´за и где регистра´ция?
Policeman: Hm. That's strange. And where are your visa and your registration?
Девушка: Вот, здесь ви´за, а здесь регистра´ция. Что-то не так?
Girl: Here, there's the visa, and there's the registration. Is anything wrong?
Полицейский: Нет, всё норма´льно. Блин.
Policeman: No, everything's fine. Shit.


Natalia RusPod 12.12.2013
Moccaa, it's an exception.
moccaa 12.12.2013
Why и´мя is neuter and finishes with я?
Cms Madushan 04.09.2013
HA ha...funny..i love this program.
iosonofabio 15.12.2012
The first questions of the test are in the wrong order!

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