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Bootleg Taxi

How about a hitchhiker’s guide through the galaxy of Moscow? If you’re lucky, and no traffic jams are in sight, you can travel all around the town using only private drivers – like the girl from our dialog. And if, like her, you get stuck in a jam after all – you could spend time productively learning some Russian with your driver!

From our today’s grammar, you’ll learn some important Russian counting rules, and also find out how to say when you will arrive at your destination – because even the most horrible jam will not last forever!


Водитель: - Куда´ е´дем?
Driver: Where are we going?
Девушка: - Мне ну´жно на проспе´кт Ми´ра, 5. Ско´лько?
Girl: I need to get to Mir Avenue 5. How much will that be?
Водитель: - Там про´бка. 700 (cемьсо´т) ми´нимум.
Driver: There is a traffic jam there. It’s 700 rubles minimum.
Девушка: - Кошма´р.
Girl: Oh, my god.
Девушка: - Алло´? Я бу´ду че´рез со´рок мину´т.
Girl: Hello? I’ll be there in 40 minutes.
Водитель: - Нет, че´рез со´рок мину´т вы не бу´дете. Вы бу´дете че´рез час, два. Про´бки.
Driver: No, you’ll not be there in 40 minutes. You’ll be there in an hour or two. Traffic jams.


mamadourbamba 10.11.2015
So... я как только один, что делает ruspod?
ckhouryre 07.10.2012
Thank you for the response! It helped me out-it makes sense.
Nikita Petrov 07.10.2012
Hi! When you say "You need to go to the shop", it's "Тебе нужно в магазин." That's Accusative case, which we use when talking about moving or going somewhere. When you're talking about doing something in the shop, like "In the shop, you need to buy groceries", you would use Prepositional case, and in that situation you'd say "Тебе нужно в магазине купить продукты" (You need to buy groceries in the shop, "купить продукты" being "to buy groceries.") Hope this helps :-)
ckhouryre 05.10.2012
Hello, great lesson! I have a question in regards to the prepositional case: Would the correct phrase be :Тебе нужно в магазин OR Тебе нужно в магазинe with the "e" at the end of магазинe. Many Thanks :)

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