Learn Russian online: Indispensable ushanka

Indispensable ushanka

It's not a stereotype: Russians do wear ushankas, or ear-flapped hats, a lot. And confronted with a serious Russian winter, you would, too. But an ushanka is not only great against sub-zero temperatures; it's also a fashion statement. Our lesson will introduce you to different kinds of ushankas – and maybe even help you to make your own choice!

In today's grammar section, we're dealing with the plural form of the prepositional case, as well as with some ways to say "also" in Russian.


Иван: О, у тебя´ но´вая уша´нка? У меня´ то´же така´я есть.
Ivan: Oh, you've got a new ear-flapped hat? I also have a similar one.
Максим: Э нет, у тебя´ друга´я. Моя´ ша´пка мо´дная.
Maxim: Oh no, yours is different. My hat is fashionable.
Иван: Моя´ то´же мо´дная.
Ivan: Mine is also fashionable.
Максим: В ней то´лько на саня´х ката´ться. И пото´м у меня´ ручна´я рабо´та.
Maxim: Yours is only suitable for riding in a sleigh. And also, mine is hand-made.
Иван: У меня´ то´же ручна´я рабо´та.
Ivan: Mine is also hand-made.
Максим: Тут настоя´щий мех.
Maxim: It's natural fur here.
Иван: И у меня´ то´же настоя´щий мех.
Ivan: I've also got natural fur.
Максим: Ещё´ моя´ ша´пка сто´ит де´сять ты´сяч рубле´й!
Maxim: And also, my hat costs ten thousand rubles!
Иван: О. А моя´ то´лько ты´сячу. Ра´зница есть – в деньга´х!
Ivan: Oh. And mine costs only one thousand. There is a difference – it lies in the money!


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