Learn Russian online: Where is the restroom?

Where is the restroom?

Uh-oh! Here comes the lesson topic that makes many Russians a bit shy, but that doesn't make it less important: Where is the restroom?! Find it out in our lesson, and you'll feel much more at ease in your journeys around Russia!

In today's grammar, we'll learn how to ask for permission or to express necessity.


Девушка: Я сейча´с!.. Извини´те, вы не подска´жете, где здесь туале´т?
Girl: I'll be right back… Excuse me… Can you tell me where the restrooms are around here?
Мужчина : Коне´чно. Иди´те напра´во, пото´м поверни´те нале´во, пото´м ещё´ раз напра´во.
Man 1: Sure. Go to the right, then turn left, then once more to the right.
Девушка: Спаси´бо!.. О нет... Мо´жно я пе´рвая? О´чень на´до!
Girl: Thank you! … Oh, no… May I go first? It's really urgent.
Женщина 1: Мне то´же о´чень на´до!
Woman 1: It's really urgent for me as well.
Женщина 2: И мне!
Woman 2: And for me, too!


iosonofabio 12.12.2012
вы не подскажете and вы не скажете are the same thing or not? Thanks!

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