Learn Russian online: A friend in need

A friend in need

When you're down, when life sucks, or when your boyfriend has dumped you, nobody can console or support you better than your best friend. True friends might be brutally honest with you, but they'll never let you down and always lend a hand when needed – that's what the notion of true friendship means, and, as you find out in our lesson, Russians take it very seriously.

In today's grammar, we'll make friends with the preposition "о" which means "about," and also learn to use the personal pronouns in the prepositional case.


Аня: Ко´стя меня´ бро´сил! Не понима´ю, почему´.
Anya: (sobbing) Kostya has dumped me! I don't understand why!
Дима: Потому´ что ты ду´ра. Ты всё вре´мя говори´ла о сва´дьбе.
Dima: Because you're stupid. You were always talking about getting married.
Аня: Слу´шай, ты – мой друг. Ты до´лжен быть за меня´!
Anya: Listen, you're my friend. You're supposed to be on my side!
Дима: Я за тебя´.
Dima: I am on your side.
Аня: Тогда´ почему´ ты так пло´хо обо мне говори´шь?
Anya: Then why are you saying such bad things about me?
Дима: Потому´ что я - твой друг. Моя´ зада´ча говори´ть пра´вду. И о тебе´, и о нём.
Dima: Because I'm your friend. My job is to tell the truth. Both about you, and about him.
Аня: И пра´вда обо мне – это что я ду´ра?
Anya: And the truth about me is that I'm stupid?
Дима: Ты ду´ра, потому´ что лю´бишь его, а он дура´к, потому´ что не це´нит э´то.
Dima: You're stupid because you love him, and he's stupid because he doesn't appreciate it.


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