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Job Interview

Prepare to get some goose bumps: We're going to a job-interview. Thankfully, it's someone else's future on the line: Let's see whether he's got the necessary qualifications to be a journalist and whether he'll get the position. That'll also give us a chance to find out more about the Russian job market for foreigners. Maybe your job-interview will be the next!

In today's grammar we'll be comparing two verbs мочь and уметь - both meaning "to be able to", but in quite different senses.


Ирина Петровна: Зна´чит, вы о´пытный журнали´ст, уме´ете писа´ть статьи´...
Irina Petrovna: So, you are an experienced journalist, you know how to write articles…
Алексей: Я уме´ю не то´лько писа´ть статьи´, но и редакти´ровать те´ксты, фотографи´ровать, снима´ть ви´део...
Alexey: I know not only how to write articles, but also how to edit texts, take pictures, record videos…
Ирина Петровна: Хорошо´-хорошо´. Как ча´сто вы мо´жете е´здить в командиро´вки?
Irina Petrovna: All right, all right. How often can you go on business trips?
Алексей: К сожале´нию, вообще´ не могу´. У меня´ до´ма де´ти, жена´...
Alexey: Unfortunately, I can't at all. I've got kids and a wife at home.
Ирина Петровна: Так. А рабо´тать допоздна´ вы мо´жете?
Irina Petrovna: Okay. And can you work late?
Алексей: Ну, я говорю´: де´ти, жена´. Не могу´.
Alexey: Well, I'm telling you: kids, wife. I can't.
Ирина Петровна: Здо´рово, коне´чно, что вы всё уме´ете, но жаль, что ничего´ не мо´жете. До свида´ния.
Irina Petrovna: Of course, it's great that you know how to do everything, but it's a pity that you aren't able to do anything. Goodbye.


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