Learn Russian online: Grandmas and grandsons

Grandmas and grandsons

Who's gossiping there on a bench near our house entrance? Of course, it's the grannies – or babushkas. And what would they discuss more gladly than their pride and joy – their grandchildren! Let's listen and find out more about babushkas and their role in Russian family life.

In today's grammar section, we'll see how the prepositions в and на function when used with the verb играть – to play.


Мария Ивановна: Вон твой внук идё´т. Како´й худо´й!
Maria Ivanovna: There comes your grandson. How thin he is!
Галина Степановна: Да, стро´йный па´рень. Он вообще´ молоде´ц: игра´ет на скри´пке, чита´ет у´мные кни´ги...
Galina Stepanovna: Yes, he's a slim guy. And on the whole he's a good one: He plays the violin, he reads smart books…
Мария Ивановна: А мой спорти´вный: лю´бит игра´ть в футбо´л и е´здить на велосипе´де.
Maria Ivanovna: And mine is a sporty one: He loves playing football and riding the bike.
Галина Степановна: Ой. А кто э´то?
Galina Stepanovna: Oh. And who's that?
Мария Ивановна: Это Ни´нин внук. Како´й хи´лый, ко´жа да ко´сти.
Maria Ivanovna: That's Nina's grandson. He looks so sickly, he's skin and bones.
Галина Степановна: Ага´. И тако´й лентя´й! Весь день игра´ет в футбо´л и ничего´ не чита´ет.
Galina Stepanovna: Yes. And such a lazy bones. He plays football all day long and reads nothing.
Мария Ивановна: Не то что на´ши краса´вцы!
Maria Ivanovna: Not like our handsome ones!


Nikita Petrov 13.08.2013
jkeithly, thank you for pointing that out! Fixed!
jkeithly 13.08.2013
"On the whole" {or other choices}... but not "All in the whole"...

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