Learn Russian online: Being a real man

Being a real man

Men and women – it's a miracle that they can co-exist at all, considering how often they want different things and how many different opinions they have about one another and each other's duties and obligations. Still, it often works out somehow – let's hope that today's dialog heroes also will find a mutual understanding someday.

Today's grammar is also about obligations and wishes: We'll be discussing modal words meaning "must" and "want."


Андрей: Приве´т. Извини´, я сего´дня бу´ду по´здно. Рабо´та.
Andrey: Hi. Sorry, I'll be late tonight. Work.
Лена: Но мы должны´ идти´ в кино´! Я хочу´ бо´льше отдыха´ть!
Lena: But we're supposed to go to the movies! I want to have more fun time!
Андрей: Я то´же хочу´ бо´льше отдыха´ть, но я до´лжен рабо´тать.
Andrey: I also want to have more fun time, but I have to work.
Лена: Но ты обеща´л! Мужчи´на до´лжен всегда´ выполня´ть обеща´ния.
Lena: But you promised! A man should always keep his promises.
Андрей: Вчера´ ты говори´ла, что мужчи´на до´лжен хорошо´ зараба´тывать. Я э´то и де´лаю!
Andrey: Yesterday you said that a man must make good money. That's what I'm doing!
Лена: Настоя´щий мужчи´на до´лжен де´лать и то, и друго´е.
Lena: A real man must do both.
Андрей: А настоя´щая же´нщина что-нибудь должна´?!
Andrey: Must a real woman do anything?!
Лена: Коне´чно. Объясня´ть, что до´лжен де´лать настоя´щий мужчи´на.
Lena: Of course. She must explain what a real man has to do.


Natalia RusPod 27.12.2014
Hi, kstome! In Russin, we always say "в" talking about places to go, and not events. So, if you say "we go to the theatre/cinema, etc." you use "в". If you say you go to ballet/to a certain movie, you say "на". This all is explained much better in RusPod's lesson dedicated exactly to this topic: http://ruspod.com/lessons/beginner/38/
kstome 27.11.2014
Why do we say идти´ в кино and not на кино here? I thought, since we are going to the movies and not inside the movie theatre, that we should use на ?

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