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Destination Baikal

If you're still undecided about your next vacation trip, how about Lake Baikal – one of Russia's greatest natural treasures of legendary purity and beauty? Admittedly, it's not easy getting there, and it is quite unlike the usual holiday resort with all its comforts – that's why the ultimate question is: Are you ready for an adventure – or would you rather stay on the safe sunbathing side?

In today's grammar we'll explore further differences between the four Russian verbs all meaning "to go" and see what prepositions are used when talking about bodies of water.


Иван: Дорога´я, у меня´ сюрпри´з. В ию´не мы е´дем отдыха´ть.
Ivan: My dear, I have a surprise for you. In June, we're going on vacation.
Маша: Ура´! Куда´, на мо´ре?
Masha: Hurray! Where? To the sea?
Иван: Нет, на мо´ре мы и так е´здим ка´ждый год. А тепе´рь мы е´дем на о´зеро – на Байка´л.
Ivan: No, we go to the sea every year as it is. But now we're going to a lake – to Baikal.
Маша: Хм. А в Байка´ле мо´жно пла´вать?
Masha: Hm. And is it possible to swim in Lake Baikal?
Иван: Ну, в ию´не нет, но мо´жно гуля´ть, загора´ть...
Ivan: Well, not in June, but one can go for a walk, sunbathe…
Маша: На мо´ре то´же мо´жно гуля´ть, загора´ть… И ещё´ в нём мо´жно пла´вать!
Masha: At the sea, one can also go for a walk, sunbathe… And also swim in there!
Иван: На мо´ре е´здят все, а на Байка´л е´дем то´лько мы.
Ivan: Everybody goes to the sea, and only we are going to Lake Baikal.
Маша: Нет, на Байка´л е´дешь то´лько ты, а я – как все нормальные лю´ди – на мо´ре!
Masha: No, only you are going to Lake Baikal, and I – like all sane people - am going to the sea!


Natalia RusPod 27.12.2014
kstome, exactly! It can be used in both cases (загорать в солярии)
kstome 11.11.2014
загорать - can this mean sunbathing both outside (directly in the sun) and inside (in a solarium) ?

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