Learn Russian online: The troubles of Russian football

The troubles of Russian football

One of the best conversation starters with a Russian male (and often female) of any age is football. By football, we mean soccer – the only kind of football as far as Russians are concerned, and the sport nearest their hearts. Our lesson will help you in sharing your football thoughts with Russians – which will immediately warm them up towards you. If you don't happen to bad-mouth their home team, that is.

In today's grammar, the focus is on the verbs of motion again: We will compare their different usages in the past tense, as well as learn prepositions used for moving to open spaces.


Маша: Ну что, вы вчера´ ходи´ли на футбо´л? И как?
Masha: So, did you go to the football game yesterday? And how was it?
Сергей: Ну, когда´ мы шли на стадио´н, всё бы´ло отли´чно.
Sergey: Well, while we were going to the stadium, everything was great.
Маша: Угу. А пото´м на´ши проигра´ли пять-ноль.
Masha: Yeah. And then our team lost five to zero.
Сергей: Да. Так что когда´ мы шли обра´тно, фана´ты на у´лице стали бить витри´ны, а в па´рке тако´е бы´ло...
Sergey: Yes. So when we were going back, the fans on the street started to break the shop-windows, and in the park, it was so bad…
Маша: Вот поэ´тому я смотрю´ футбо´л до´ма.
Masha: That's why I watch football at home.
Сергей: А я всё равно´ бу´ду смотре´ть на стадио´не. Но то´лько когда´ игра´ют не на´ши.
Sergey: And I will still be watching it at the stadium. But only when our team is not playing.


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