Learn Russian online: Leaving Moscow

Leaving Moscow

Where is the "real" Russia? Some people firmly believe that the one and only place to live in Russia is Moscow. Others think that Moscow isn't really Russia at all. In today's dialog, we'll witness someone's life choice between these two options, and have a chance to compare the capital and the "province" ourselves.

In today's grammar, we'll make some comparisons, too: this time, it's between the accusative and the prepositional case for directions and locations respectively.


Павел: Ура´, я е´ду в Сама´ру! Мне предложи´ли рабо´ту.
Pavel: Hurray, I'm going to Samara! I got a job offer.
Марина: Ого´. Так ты бу´дешь жить в Сама´ре? Хм. Скуча´ть не бу´дешь?
Marina: Wow. So you're going to live in Samara, are you? Hm. Won't you be homesick?
Павел: Мне надое´ла Москва´. Гря´зно, шу´мно, про´бки...
Pavel: I'm fed up with Moscow. It's dirty, noisy, all those traffic jams…
Марина: Но Сама´ра прови´нция, а Москва´ столи´ца.
Marina: But Samara is in the boondocks, while Moscow is the capital.
Павел: Вот и´менно, столи´ца. Я три´дцать лет живу´ в столи´це, а в Росси´и никогда´ не был.
Pavel: Exactly. It's the capital. I have been living in the capital for 30 years, and I've never been to Russia.


Nikita Petrov 08.05.2013
Лили, пожалуйста! Мы рады, что вы рады!
lily.kahn 08.05.2013
спасибо, я очень рада что уже есть новая лекция!

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