Learn Russian online: MMM: Mysteriously Missing Money

MMM: Mysteriously Missing Money

What's better? Stuffing your savings into a mattress, or investing it in a profitable venture? Obviously, the thought of having your money work for you is appealing. Lots of Russians felt the same way and so bought shares in MMM – Russia's greatest financial fraud of the 90s. And as crazy as it sounds, many people out there are still investing in a "sure thing", just like our dialog's hero.

In today's grammar, we'll take a closer look at the prepositional case — its usage and its most common ending.


Рита: Ты не ви´дел мои´ де´сять ты´сяч? Они´ бы´ли в я´щике, а сейча´с их нигде´ нет.
Rita: Have you seen my ten thousand? They were in the drawer, and now they're nowhere to be found.
Леонид: Каки´е де´сять ты´сяч?
Leonid: What ten thousand?
Рита: Ну, мои´ де´сять ты´сяч. Я везде´ иска´ла: и на столе´, и в столе´, и на полке´, и да´же на холоди´льнике.
Rita: Well, my ten thousand. I looked everywhere: On the table, in the table, on the shelf, and even on the fridge.
Леонид: А заче´м вообще´ храни´ть де´ньги до´ма?
Leonid: And why would you keep money at home anyway?
Рита: Что за вопро´с? Лу´чше дава´й иска´ть вме´сте.
Rita: What kind of question is that? How about we search together?
Леонид: Не на´до ничего´ иска´ть. Де´ньги в "МММ". Ско´ро у нас бу´дет не де´сять, а два´дцать ты´сяч.
Leonid: No need to search anything. The money is in MMM. Soon we'll have not ten, but twenty thousand.
Рита: Ско´ро у нас не бу´дет ничего´.
Rita: Soon we'll have nothing.


Daria Pimenova 04.09.2013
Yes, you could. In such cases they are interchangeable.
Garry 04.09.2013
Hi, what is the difference between надо & нужно? Are they interchangable? I could also say Не нужно ничего искать ?

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