Learn Russian online: Untranslatable Russian Cuisine

Untranslatable Russian Cuisine

Have you ever heard of borsch? Or okroshka? Today's lesson will help you to get through some delicious mysteries of Russian cuisine and lead you to the best restaurants where they are found.

In today's grammar, you'll learn how to ask about the meaning of a word you don't understand or know, and also how to order all those tasty dishes.


Официант: До´брый день, меню´, пожа´луйста.
Waiter: Good afternoon. Here is the menu.
Девушка: Спаси´бо. Так, ры´ба, борщ... Извини´те, а как "борщ" по-англи´йски?
Girl: Thank you. O.K., fish, borsch… Excuse me, what's "борщ" in English?
Официант: По-англи´йски "борщ" – э´то borsch.
Waiter: In English "борщ" is "borsch."
Девушка: А… а что э´то тако´е?
Girl: And… and what is it then?
Официант: Э´то суп.
Waiter: It's a soup.
Девушка: Хм. А что такое "окро´шка"?
Girl: Hm. And what's "окрошка"?
Официант: Окро´шка по-англи´йски okroshka. И э´то то´же суп.
Waiter: "Oкрошка" is "okroshka" in English. And it's also a soup.
Девушка: Поня´тно. Тогда´ мне, пожа´луйста, ризо´тто.
Girl: I see. Then I'd like the risotto please.


moccaa 25.11.2013
Café Puskin and elki-palki links doesn't work.

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