Learn Russian online: On the road

On the road

Russians love their cars and fast driving, but their relationship to Russian roads is much more complicated. "On the road again…" – many Russians dread such a perspective. The many reasons for this can all be found in our lesson, so let's start our engines and hit the road ourselves!

Today's grammar is also road-related: we'll learn directions and locations, like "right" and "left," as well as some verbs of motion with the meaning of "driving" or "riding."


Катя: Спра´ва есть поворо´т. Мо´жет, сюда´?
Katya: There is a turn-off on the right. Maybe, that's this way?
Игорь: Нет, по-мо´ему, сейча´с нале´во.
Igor: No, I think, now we have to go to the left.
Катя: А по-мо´ему, сейча´с на´до е´хать вверх, на мост.
Katya: And I think, we have to go up, onto the bridge.
Игорь: Блин. То´чно. А мы внизу´. Опя´ть пропусти´л поворо´т.
Igor: Damn. That's right. And we're down here. I missed the turn-off again.
Катя: Ско´лько мы ещё´ бу´дем е´здить туда´-сюда´? Туда´-сюда´
Katya: How long will we be driving back and forth? Back and forth…
Игорь: Ско´лько на´до. Здесь така´я доро´га, что ничего´ не поня´тно.
Igor: As long as it takes. This road is such that nothing is clear.


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