Learn Russian online: Going to the ballet

Going to the ballet

If you are planning to go out in Moscow, classic ballet at the Bolshoi theatre is certainly a number-one destination. Musicals come and go, but the Russian ballet with its classic pas de deux has always been a part of the national heritage and is still a wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful dancers, and to dress up to the nines.

Destinations are also a topic of today's grammar: We'll learn verbs that mean "to go," and prepositions that are used for destinations.


Жена: Дорого´й, я купи´ла биле´ты. За´втра мы идё´м в Большо´й теа´тр на бале´т.
Wife: Darling, I bought tickets. Tomorrow we're going to the Bolshoi Theatre to a ballet.
Муж: Но мы уже´ ходи´ли на бале´т!
Husband: But we've already been to a ballet!
Жена: Ходи´ли! Пять лет наза´д! И э´то был друго´й бале´т.
Wife: We did go! Five years ago! And it was a different ballet.
Муж: Ну и что? Все бале´ты одина´ковые. Дава´й хотя´ бы на мю´зикл?
Husband: So what? All ballets are the same. Let's at least go to a musical!
Жена: На мю´зикл? Представля´ешь: ты зовё´шь меня на футбо´л, а я говорю´: "Дава´й хотя´ бы на крике´т?"
Wife: To a musical? Can you imagine: You invite me to a soccer game, and I say: "Let's at least go to a cricket match?"


Nikita Petrov 01.10.2013
@niickblase, "всё" means "everything" (also, sometimes it can mean "all done!"), and "все" means "all". "Все" is usually followed by a noun: "all people", "all animals", "all something". The confusing thing is Russians omit the dots above ё most of the time. Exceptions are children books, learning materials for non-native speakers and cases where it is unclear from the context whether it should be е or ё.
niickblase 30.09.2013
What's the difference between "все" и "всё"?
Natalia RusPod 27.08.2013
Garry, that's really interesting to know! Here in Russia we don't have that kind of cake. I googled it and it seems there is an argument of why the dessert is called this way :) Some say it's because it was cooked specially for Pavlova, and others - because it is as "airy" as the ballerina was. Thanks for the info anyway!
Garry 27.08.2013
Dessert not desert. Needs an edit function ;)
Garry 27.08.2013
We have a very popular desert in New Zealand called the Pavlova. It was invented for and named after Anna Pavlova. So thank you Russian as it is a very delicious desert :)

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