Learn Russian online: Women's day in Russia

Women's day in Russia

March 8th – International Women's day – is widely celebrated in Russia. However, this holiday is not about the rights and freedoms of women. As you'll find out in our lesson, it's more about flowers, and presents, and a cake – and women don't seem to mind.

In today's grammar, we'll have an overview of all numerals from 20 to 4000 – be it for counting presents or money.


Брат: Так. За´втра Восьмо´е ма´рта. Ну´жно поздра´вить ма´му.
Brother: All right. Tomorrow is March 8th. We must congratulate our mom.
Сестра: Мо´жно купи´ть цветы´. Шту´ка сто´ит рубле´й со´рок, пятьдеся´т.
Sister: We can buy flowers. One costs around 40 rubles, or 50.
Брат: Ты что, е´сли ро´зы, то ми´нимум во´семьдесят. Лу´чше девяно´сто. Итого´ четы´реста пятьдеся´т ру´блей.
Brother: What are you talking about? If it's roses, then it's eighty at least. Or better ninety. That makes 450 rubles.
Сестра: Хорошо´. Четы´реста пятьдеся´т. Ещё´ сто рубле´й на торт.
Sister: All right. 450. And then another 100 rubles for the cake.
Брат: Каки´е сто? На´до пятьсо´т. И хотя´ бы ты´сячу на пода´рок.
Brother: What 100? We need 500. And at least a 1000 for a present.
Сестра: Так. Всё вме´сте ты´сяча девятьсо´т пятьдеся´т рубле´й. Нет, это сли´шком мно´го.
Sister: Okay. All together it's 1950 rubles. No, that's too much.
Брат: Жа´дина! Ма´ма бу´дет о´чень ра´да.
Brother: Greedy you. Mom will be very glad.
Брат: О, ма´ма, приве´т! Две ты´сячи бу´дет? Очень на´до.
Brother: Oh, hi, Mom! Can you spare 2000? We need it a lot.


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