Learn Russian online: Greetings from the Traffic Police

Greetings from the Traffic Police

Surely you, dear listener, are one of those drivers who have never broken any traffic rules in their entire life. Even so you're not safe from the Russian traffic police and their fines: They have to fill their quota, after all, that's why they'll sometimes fine you just for the sake of your ready money. Unlike you, our dialog's hero had it coming and got what he deserved. Let's see what his infraction was and find out more about the Russian traffic police.

In today's grammar, we'll learn how to make the plural forms of neuter substantives.


Катя: Для тебя´ письмо´.
Katya: Here's a letter for you.
Игорь: Пра´вда? Я так люблю´ получа´ть пи´сьма!
Igor: Really? I love getting letters so much!
Катя: Но э´то из ГИБДД…
Katya: But this one is from the Traffic Police…
Игорь: Да. Таки´е пи´сьма не о´чень люблю´.
Igor: Yep. I don't like such letters much.
Катя: Ах! Опя´ть штраф! Опя´ть ты как Шума´хер!
Katya: Ah! A fine again! You're like that Schumacher again!
Игорь: Че´стное сло´во! После´дний раз, обеща´ю!
Igor: I give you my word! It's the last time, I promise!
Катя: Слова´, слова´, слова´! Мы могли´ уже купи´ть маши´ну на твои´ обеща´ния.
Katya: Words, words, words! We could've already bought a car with your promises.


Nikita Petrov 26.08.2013
Jkeithly, yes, curiosly, he's quite famous in Russia.
jkeithly 25.08.2013
Oh, I see. A German race car driver! Hmmm.
jkeithly 25.08.2013
Who is Schumacher?

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