Learn Russian online: Village life

Village life

Granny's pies are fresh from the oven, kebabs are emanating heavenly smells, the sunset is perfect – at times like this, there seems to be no better place than a Russian village. Up until the moment when you have to trek to the faraway outhouse while being pursued by swarms of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Nevertheless, visiting a Russian village is always fun – if only through our lesson!

In today's grammar, we'll learn more about the plural forms of masculine and feminine nouns.


Маша: Ах, как здесь хорошо´! Дере´вня, приро´да!
Masha: Oh, it's so good here! The village, nature!
Павел: О´чень хорошо´. Дожди´, туале´т далеко´, му´хи везде´.
Pavel: Very good. It's raining, the loo is far away, flies are everywhere.
Маша: Ну и что? Зато ба´бушка де´лает таки´е вку´сные пироги´!
Masha: And so what? On the other hand, Granny is making such tasty pies!
Павел: Ага. Ешь пироги´, и нельзя´ вы´мыть ру´ки.
Pavel: Yep. You eat these pies, but you can't wash your hands.
Маша: И ско´ро бу´дем есть шашлыки´...
Masha: And soon we'll be eating the kebabs...
Павел: Ско´ро нас бу´дут есть комары´.
Pavel: Soon the mosquitoes will be eating us.


niickblase 30.08.2013
A tip that helped me learn the "spelling rule" consonants is that they're all pronounced "in the throat," or "behind the teeth." In other words, they are all pronounced in a similar way to either the English "g" sound or the english "sh" sound.

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