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I love Russian

Learning a foreign language can be difficult at times: You start with such enthusiasm, and then all those new words and rules seem to pile up. But persevere, and you'll have a breakthrough. Many have been through this stage already – look at our dialog's heroine: She'll get over through her sudden aversion in no time.


Джессика: Ненави´жу ру´сский язы´к.
Jessica: I hate the Russian language.
Иван: Почему´?
Ivan: Why?
Джессика: Потому´ что изуча´ю его´ уже´ ме´сяц, но по-ру´сски совсе´м не понима´ю.
Jessica: Because I have been studying it for a month already, and I don't understand Russian at all.
Иван: А. Ну, э´то так и должно´ быть.
Ivan: Ah. Well, that's how it's supposed to be.
Джессика: Почему´?
Jessica: Why?
Иван: Потому´ что снача´ла ты говори´шь по-англи´йски: "Я люблю´ ру´сский".
Ivan: Because first you say in English: "I love Russian."
Джессика: Так.
Jessica: Right.
Иван: Че´рез ме´сяц ты еле-еле говори´шь по-ру´сски: "Я ненави´жу ру´сский".
Ivan: In a month, you barely can say in Russian: "I hate Russian."
Джессика: Э´то мой слу´чай.
Jessica: That's my case.
Иван: А пото´м ты про´сто говори´шь по-ру´сски, а не про ру´сский.
Ivan: And then you just speak Russian, and not about Russian.


Natalia RusPod 10.08.2014
kstome, it seems you are right! I was sure we had a lesson about this topic, but then I couldn't find anything about this word. I'll put it here then. Thanks for your attention!
kstome 10.08.2014
I miss the word ме´сяц in the Vocabulary part of this lesson. Its translation (a month) is written in the dialog text, but I think it should be included in the vocabulary too, since I haven't seen this word before?
e-osullivan 06.01.2014
amazing podcasts thanks so much
Garry 23.08.2013
Search youtube for "Улица Сезам" )
lily.kahn 07.04.2013
Yes, please - many thanks to all of you, and keep up the great work! :o)
Nikita Petrov 05.04.2013
Thank you so much Lily! It's not only Masha and me working on Ruspod. A great amount of work is done by other people — for example, I'll have to pass your thank you for the cartoons to our editor Daria Pimenova. Thank you again!
lily.kahn 04.04.2013
Hi Masha and Nikita, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic lessons; I love them! You really make learning Russian so much fun. And thanks for the link to the cartoons; they're great! Sorry for writing this in English - I think it would take me a year to type any of it in Russian!

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