Learn Russian online: Office in a former factory

Office in a former factory

Today, we're going to visit a factory. But wait, it's not a factory anymore – it has been converted into museums, offices, recording studios, shops and what not – and everything is available for rent. That is, if you don't mind funky neighbors or the whole idea of an art cluster – which has become very popular in Russian big cities.

In today's grammar we'll be discussing the difference between adjectives and adverbs – and we'll also see how the latter are formed.


Риелтор: Ита´к, вы хоти´те снима´ть о´фис? О´чень хорошо´. Здесь о´чень ую´тно.
Realtor: So you want to rent this office? Very well. It's very cozy here.
Бизнесмен: А кто э´то игра´ет?
Businessman: And who's that playing?
Риелтор: Там сту´дия. Игра´ет очень хоро´шая мо´дная гру´ппа.
Realtor: There is a studio there. A very good trendy band is playing there.
Бизнесмен: Что, прости´те? Я не слы´шу!
Businessman: Sorry, what? I can't hear you.
Риелтор: Я говорю´: Они´ о´чень хорошо´ игра´ют!
Realtor: I'm saying: They are playing very well.
Бизнесмен: А-а-а. А э´то?
Businessman: Ah. And that?
Риелтор: Э´то на´ши сосе´ди. У них сейча´с небольшо´й ремо´нт.
Realtor: That's our neighbors. They're renovating a little right now.
Бизнесмен: Что у них? Ла´дно. Нева´жно. Спаси´бо. Мо´дно. Ую´тно. Но не для нас
Businessman: They're what? Okay. Never mind. Thank you. It's trendy. It's cozy. But it's not for us.


Nikita Petrov 23.08.2013
Garry, for the most part, the adverb keeps the stress where it was in the word it's formed from (красИвый becomes красИво, быстрый becomes бЫстро and so on.) Sidenote: красивый means beautiful, and быстрый is fast.
Garry 23.08.2013
When forming the adverb from the adjective how do you know where the stress goes? Is there any rules?...

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