Learn Russian online: Maslenitsa – Butter Week

Maslenitsa – Butter Week

In Russia, the winter season – and especially Maslenitsa, Russian Carnival week - is a season of pancakes. No one can resist Russian pancakes filled with caviar and eaten with mead – except maybe some extremely health-conscious fitness addicts.

In today's grammar, we'll get to know another subtype of adjectives – those ending on sibilants (ж, ш, щ, ч).


Дима: Ура´! Сего´дня Масленица! Бу´дем есть горя´чие, све´жие блины´!
Dima: Hurray! It's Maslenitsa today! We're going to eat hot, fresh blinies!
Катя: Каки´е блины´? Ты и так то´лстый.
Katya: What blinies? You're fat as it is.
Дима: Но у меня´ есть хоро´шая, све´жая медову´ха. Как мы её´ бу´дем пить?
Dima: But I've got good fresh mead. How are we supposed to drink it?
Катя: Мы не бу´дем её´ пить. Алкого´ль пить вре´дно.
Katya: We're not going to drink it. Alcohol is bad for you.
Дима: Мы вообще´ бу´дем пра´здновать Ма´сленицу? Сжига´ть чу´чело?
Dima: Are we going to celebrate Maslenitsa at all? And burn an effigy?
Катя: У нас в шесть фи´тнес. Бу´дем сжига´ть жир!
Katya: We have a fitness appointment at 6 o'clock. We'll be burning our fat!


Natalia RusPod 31.07.2015
Thank you, DzhonJ2009!
DzhonJ2009 21.06.2015
Excellent lesson. Thanks RusPod.

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