Learn Russian online: Wrong airport

Wrong airport

There are so many things to think about when heading to the airport: flight time, tickets, passports, luggage… And last, but not least: Is this my airport? In today's lesson, we'll discuss how to get in and out of an airport and how not to mix the airports up!

Today's grammar is about the verbs of the second group and their plural present tense.


Пассажир: Де´вушка, мы не ви´дим наш рейс.
Passenger: Ma'am, we can't see our flight.
Сотрудница аэропорта: А вы на то табло´ смо´трите? Мо´жно биле´т?.. Табло´ то. Аэропо´рт не тот.
Airport attendant: Are you looking at the right display? May I have your ticket?.. (after examining it) The display is all right. The airport is wrong.
Пассажир: Как? Мы в Шереме´тьево?
Passenger: How (come)? Are we in Sheremetyevo?
Сотрудница: Нет, вы в Домоде´дово.
Airport attendant: No, you're in Domodedovo.


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