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Learning Russian

Oh those Russians, oh that Russian language… So difficult to learn, or is it? With a little effort, you're already making progress, and we hope that soon you'll master the basics. Step by step – that's the key!

Today, we're revisiting some of the most important grammar basics: Russian grammatical gender and case; and also continue our study of the present tense: today's focus is the singular forms of the second group of verbs. 


Учительница: Так. Что тако´е "паде´ж"?
Teacher: Okay. What does "паде´ж" (case) mean?
Ученик: Не по´мню.
Pupil: I don't remember.
Учительница: А что тако´е "род"?
Teacher: And what does "род" (gender) mean?
Ученик: То´же не по´мню.
Pupil: I don't remember (that) either.
Учительница: Ты хоть что-нибу´дь по´мнишь?
Teacher: Do you at least remember anything?
Ученик: Э´то тру´дно учи´ть!
Pupil: It's difficult to learn this!
Учительница: Э´то тебя´ тру´дно учи´ть!
Teacher: It's you who are difficult to teach!


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