Learn Russian online: It's only us here!

It's only us here!

It's time to visit a Russian restaurant! Is there one in the vicinity? No problem if you're in Moscow – and quite a chore in a small provincial town.

And how do we order? In this lesson, you will learn how to order food in Russian, find out about different types of typical Russian eateries and get some helpful advice concerning choices of places.

In today's Grammar, we'll explain how to say "there is/are" or "there isn't'/aren't" in Russian.


Официантка: Да?
Waitress: Yes?
Мужчина: Здра´вствуйте. У вас есть мя´со?
Man: Hello. Have you got any meat?
Официантка: К сожале´нию, нет.
Waitress: Unfortunately, no.
Мужчина: Да? А в меню´ есть. Оке´й, тогда´ я буду то´лько ко´фе.
Man: Really? And in the menu, there is (meat). O.K., then, I'll have only coffee.
Официантка: К сожале´нию, ко´фе то´же нет.
Waitress: Unfortunately, there is no coffee either.
Мужчина: Хм. А друго´е кафе´ здесь есть?
Man: Hm. And are there other cafés around here?
Официантка: К сча´стью, нет. Здесь то´лько мы!
Waitress: Fortunately, no. It's only us here!


Natalia RusPod 16.03.2015
Vanessa, it's a tricky question! It could actually be translated in both ways. And you are right, "a" is close to the meaning "but" here.
vanessa.ddiniz 06.03.2015
I have a question: I saw somewhere that "A" can also mean but. Is it true? And if it is, wouldn't be better to translate "А в меню´ есть." as "but in the menu, there is (meat)."? Thank you!
Erdalyildiz85 11.09.2013
Hi Nikita, thanks for these great series of podcasts, hope there are a lot more coming soon. I have a question: What is the difference between "у тебя/меня" and "у тебя/меня есть" expression?
Nikita Petrov 26.08.2013
Blessedinva, thanks!
blessedinva 25.08.2013
Cute dialogue!
Natalia RusPod 12.12.2012
Thanks for noticing! We've fixed it.
iosonofabio 12.12.2012
кофе is mentioned twice in the "other words" section (in addition to кафе).

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