Learn Russian online: We are working!

We are working!

It's work time again! Let's visit a Russian office and find out what the employees are doing. They should be working, by the way, but you never know in Russia! And sometimes, what is regarded as leisure in other cultures is considered hard work here – which can lead to misunderstandings.

In today's grammar, we will continue studying the present tense of the verbs: this time it's plural forms: what we, you, or they are doing. 


Менеджер: Так, приве´т, колле´ги. Сейча´с бу´дет нача´льник.
Manager: All right, hello, colleagues. The boss is coming in a sec.
Сотрудник: И что?
Coworker: And so what?
Менеджер: И на´до показа´ть, как мы хорошо´ рабо´таем.
Manager: And we have to show how good we're working.
Сотрудник: Хорошо´.
Coworker: Okay.
Менеджер: Что зна´чит "хорошо´"? Вы не рабо´таете!
Manager: What do you mean "Okay"? You are not working!
Сотрудник: Почему´, рабо´таем.
Coworker: Why? We are working.
Менеджер: Но вы ничего´ не де´лаете!
Manager: But you're doing nothing!
Cотрудник: Мы… ду´маем.
Coworker: We are… thinking.


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