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From Russia with love

Just arrived or ready to depart – there is always a good time to get some souvenirs from Russia, otherwise who'd ever believe that you've been here! A nesting doll is always a good choice, but there are plenty of other goodies to bring home and show off – let's see what they are!

In today's grammar, we'll learn about the pronouns "этот/тот" (this/that), and their modifiers "вот/вон" (here/there).


Турист: Ух ты! А мо´жно посмотре´ть вон тот самова´р?
Tourist: Wow! May I look at that samovar there?
Продавщица: Како´й? Кра´сный или чё´рный?
Saleslady: Which one? The red one or the black one?
Турист: Вот э´тот!
Tourist: This one!
Продавщица: Коне´чно!
Saleslady: Of course!
Турист: Ой, э´то ша´пки-уша´нки! Класс!
Tourist: Oh, those are ear-flapped hats! Awesome!
Продавщица: Э´та ша´пка сто´ит пять ты´сяч, а та семь, а…
Saleslady: This hat costs 5 thousand, and that one (costs) seven, and…
Турист: Ого, матрё´шки как Пу´тин! Оди´н, два, три, четы´ре,пять, шесть...
Tourist: Whoa, there are Putin-like nesting dolls! One, two, three, four, five, six…


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