Learn Russian online: What time is it?

What time is it?

Oh, not the alarm clock again! But yep – it's ringing, which means it's time to discuss the Russian concept of time: both formally - How do we ask about time in Russian? - and philosophically – How do Russians view time?

In today's grammar, we learn how to use verbs in the present tense, focusing on their singular forms:  the I-form, the you-form, and the he/she/it-form. 


Жена: Ой. До´брое у´тро.
Wife: Oh. Good morning.
Муж: У меня´ уже´ день. Зна´ешь, ско´лько вре´мени?
Husband: It's afternoon if you ask me. Do you know what time it is?
Жена: Нет.
Wife: No.
Муж: А как ты ду´маешь?
Husband: And what do you think?
Жена: Я не ду´маю.
Wife: I don't think. /I'm not thinking.
Муж: Уже двена´дцать часо´в дня!
Husband: It's 12 noon!/p.m.!
Жена: Двена´дцать?! Как? Не понима´ю!
Wife: Twelve? How (come)? I don't understand.


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