Learn Russian online: Oh, those blue jeans!

Oh, those blue jeans!

Clothing stores still remain a terra incognita for many husbands, where dragons hide in the price tags. Russia is no exception. Let's take a stroll around a typical Russian store and find out more about cool things and their sizes.

In today's grammar, we discuss adjectives and their endings again. These adjective endings seem to be never-ending in Russian, but no worries: We'll learn them all in no time!


Жена: Так-так-так. Ой, каки´е джи´нсы! Таки´е си´ние!
Wife: Okay… Oh, look at those jeans! So blue!
Муж: О го´споди! Они´ сли´шком си´ние!
Husband: Oh Lord. They are too blue.
Жена: Разме´р 44 (со´рок четы´ре). О, после´дняя па´ра!
Wife: Size 44. The last pair!
Муж: А ско´лько они´ стоят? Кошма´р! Почему´ таки´е дороги´е?
Husband: And how much do they cost? Goodness! Why (are they) so expensive?
Жена: Но дорого´й. Э´то "До´льче и Габба´на". Ты ничего´ не понима´ешь!
Wife: But, dear. That's Dolce & Gabbana. You don't understand anything.
Муж: Это то´чно.
Husband: That's right.


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