Learn Russian online: At the market

At the market

Today, we're going to buy some fresh fruit at the market. While the character in our dialog doesn't seem to know what he wants to buy, it's still a good chance for us to learn some useful expressions and measures.

In today's grammar, we continue to discuss adjectives and their various endings.


Мужчина: Апельси´ны, пожа´луйста. Оди´н килогра´мм. И я´блоки. Два кило´.
Man: I'd like some oranges, please. One kilogram. And apples. Two kilo.
Продавщица: Хорошо´.
Saleslady: Okay.
Мужчина: Они´ сла´дкие?
Man: Are they sweet?
Продавщица: О´чень!
Saleslady: Very (sweet)!
Мужчина: А я не люблю´ сла´дкие...
Man: Well, I don't like sweet…
Продавщица: Ой, я хоте´ла сказа´ть: го´рькие! О´чень го´рькие!
Saleslady: Oh, I meant to say: bitter! Very bitter!
Мужчина: Тогда´ то´чно не на´до. И апельси´ны не на´до.
Man: Then definitely no (apples). And no oranges either.


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