Learn Russian online: Hangover


Where would Russia's famous drinking culture be without its most natural consequence - the hangover? It firmly belongs to the Russian life-style and today we'll get to know it closer (but not too close, please!) as well as learn how to avoid it in the first place and how to cure it in the worst case.

In today's grammar, we'll learn how to deal with adjectives of different gender and number.


Саша: Ка´тя, до´брое у´тро!
Sasha: Katya, good morning!
Катя: Оно´ не до´брое.
Katya: It's not good.
Саша: Почему´? Что случи´лось?
Sasha: Why? What happened?
Катя: Да ну. Настрое´ние ужа´сное, клие´нты тупы´е...
Katya: Oh well. The mood is awful, the clients are dumb…
Саша: Мо´жет, тогда´ ве´чером в бар?
Sasha: How about going to a bar in the evening?
Катя: Нет, я вчера´ уже ходи´ла в бар. Поэ´тому у´тро не до´брое.
Katya: No, I went to a bar yesterday. That's why the morning is not good.


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