Learn Russian online: Weekend at a dacha

Weekend at a dacha

Russians can be not so industrious during the week, but they turn to truly hard workers on the weekend. How come? They work on their dachas: growing plants, digging the weeds, and having lots of other agricultural fun. Today, we'll learn more about the favorite Russian country house and weekend pastimes.

In today's grammar, we study verbs that mean "to go" – either by foot, or by a vehicle. You have to get to your dacha somehow!


Он: Как дела´? Как выходны´е?
He: What's up? How was the weekend?
Она: Отли´чно! Я е´здила на да´чу.
She: Great! I went to (my) dacha.
Он: Хорошо´ отдохну´ла?
He: Did you have a good rest?
Она: Су´пер! Муж ходи´л на рыба´лку. А мы стро´или дом, собира´ли грибы´, гото´вили суп...
She: Super. (My) husband went fishing. And we were building the house, picking mushrooms, cooking soup
Он: Стоп-стоп-стоп. И это что, о´тдых?!
He: Wait-wait-wait. And what's this - a rest?


Natalia RusPod 27.12.2013
Hi ednul, thanks for your nice feedback! As for your question — it is really a hard topic to explain in just one comment. We have a bunch of lessons dedicated to this topic, and here they are: http://ruspod.com/lessons/beginner/38/ http://ruspod.com/lessons/beginner/39/? http://ruspod.com/lessons/beginner/42/ http://ruspod.com/lessons/beginner/44/?
ednul 26.12.2013
What is the difference between ходить and идти? Is not the latter verb more common? ходить is not in the conjugation website http://masterrussian.com/verbs/ And thank you for a russian course that brings both learning and fun. Yours truly Øystein

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