Learn Russian online: Sick leave

Sick leave

Today we're talking about illnesses and excuses one makes because of them. A sickness can be imaginary, like in our dialog, but a good excuse is always a handy thing to learn. Let's hope that all your illnesses will be only imaginary, but still learn some body parts and illness-related expressions – just in case!

In today's grammar, we're discussing plurals, in case several things at once are bothering you.


Coтрудница: Алло´, Алексе´й Алексе´евич! Я сего´дня не бу´ду.
Employee: (calls on the phone) Hello, Alexey Alexeevich! I won't come today!
Начальник: Что тако´е? Заболе´ла?
Boss: What's wrong? Are you sick?
Coтрудница: Не зна´ю. Голова´ боли´т, живо´т, температу´ра. Про´сто у´жас.
Employee: I don't know. I have a headache, a belly (ache), I've got fever. Just a horror.
Начальник: Бе´дная.
Boss: You poor thing!
Coтрудница: Ой, Ско´рая уже´ здесь! До за´втра, Алексе´й Алексе´евич!(hangs up)
Employee: Oh, the ambulance is here already! Till tomorrow, Alexey Alexeevich! (hangs up)
Друзья: Приве´т!
Her friends (entering the apartment): Hi!
Coтрудница: А вот и мои´ врачи´!
Employee: And here are my doctors!


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