Learn Russian online: How he met her mother

How he met her mother

Young love – isn't it romantic? Not if you are the mother who has to confront an unknown guy whom her daughter is going to "shack up" with. If only he'd been well-behaved and civilized, that is, knew at least how to address his potential mom-in-law properly!

Today we are learning proper manners and rules of addressing people in Russia, along with the accusative case of personal pronouns.


Маша: Ма´ма, приве´т. Познако´мься. Э´то мой па´рень. Его´ зову´т Ди´ма. Тепе´рь я бу´ду жить у него´.
Masha: Hi, Mom. Let me introduce you to someone. This is my boyfriend. His name is Dima. From now on, I'm going to live at his place.
Мама: М-м.
Mother: (speechless) Uhm.
Дима: Здра´сьте. Как вас зову´т?
Dima: Hullo. What's your name?
Мама: М-м.
Mother: (still speechless)
Маша: Её´ зову´т Татья´на Миха´йловна.
Masha: Her name is Tatyana Mikhailovna.
Дима: О´чень прия´тно. А мо´жно про´сто "Та´ня"?
Dima: Nice to meet you. May I simply call you "Tanya"?
Маша: Ой, ну всё, Ди´ма, уже´ пора´. Так, где мой чемода´н? А, вот.
Masha: Oh well, that's it, Dima, it's time to go. Okay, where is my suitcase? Ah, here it is.
Дима: Ну, до встре´чи, ма´ма!
Dima: Well, see you, Mom!
Маша: Счастливо!
Masha: So long!


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