Learn Russian online: Let's all go to the movies!

Let's all go to the movies!

A free evening in Moscow? How about going to the movies? If you don't want to risk seeing a Russian-language movie yet, maybe we can find something in English! The hero of our dialog wanted to watch a sleazy movie and ended up with something completely different – but maybe for the better!

In today's lesson, we'll practice buying tickets and count up from 20.


Зритель: Мне, пожа´луйста, оди´н биле´т на "Эммануэ´ль", на сего´дня.
Moviegoer: I'd like one ticket for "Emmanuelle", please, for today.
Кассирша: На сего´дня уже´ нет.
Cashier: There are no more tickets for today.
Зритель: А на суббо´ту?
Moviegoer: And for Saturday?
Кассирша: На суббо´ту ещё´ нет.
Cashier: We don't have any tickets yet for Saturday.
Зритель: А что есть?
Moviegoer: And what do you have?
Кассирша: Так... Есть оди´н биле´т на сего´дня. На "Ми´кки-Ма´ус и его друзья´". Ряд 20 (два´дцать), ме´сто 31 (три´дцать оди´н).
Cashier: Okay… There is one ticket for today. It's for "Mickey Mouse and His Friends." Row 20, seat 31.
Зритель: Ну что за фигня´! Хотя´... Беру´.
Moviegoer: Well, what a piece of crap! Although… I'll take it.


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