Learn Russian online: Travelling by train

Travelling by train

Today, we're taking a train! But first, we'll have to buy our tickets– so let's be careful in making the right choice: Sometimes, accepting a less expensive offer can result in a trip you'll regret!

In today's grammar, we'll learn the correct usage of adjectives: words that accompany nouns and change according to their gender.


Cергей: Так, ско´рый по´езд номер два. Среда´.
Sergey (making an online ticket reservation): Okay, the express train number 2. Wednesday.
Лена: Ой... Како´й дешё´вый биле´т!
Lena: Wow… What a cheap ticket!
Cергей: Да...Всего´ ты´сяча. А что тако´е "П"?
Sergey: Yes. Only 1000 (rubles). And what's a "P"?
Лена: Наве´рное, промотари´ф.
Lena: Perhaps, a promotional offer.
Cергей: Купи´ть!
Sergey (pushing the button): Buy.
At the station:
Cергей: Вот наш ваго´н.
Sergey: Here's our train car.
Лена: Ой, что э´то?
Lena: Oh, what's this?
Мужчина: Плацка´рт!
A man: Platscart! (economy class sleeping car)


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