Learn Russian online: Russian shuttle-bus

Russian shuttle-bus

A minibus - called a "marshrutka" - is a number-one form of Russian above-ground public transportation. You’ll never get around it, so you’d better learn how to use it right now: Fare paid? Right house found? And by the way, we’ll also get to know some useful Russian shop names, so don’t miss it!

In today’s grammar, you'll find out how to make a polite request and – equally important – how to tell that we actually need something. 


Девушка: - Переда´йте, пожа´луйста!
Girl (to a fellow-passenger): - Could you pass the money, please!
Пассажирка: - Ско´лько?
Passenger: - How many?
Девушка: - Оди´н.
Girl: - One (person).
Пассажирка (водителю): - Оди´н.
Passenger (to the driver): - One.
Девушка (водителю): - Извини´те, мне нужна´ у´лица Ра´дио, дом 40 (со´рок). Ска´жете, когда´ выходи´ть?
Girl (to the driver): Excuse me, I need Radio Street, house number 40. Will you tell me where to get off?
Водитель: - А? Дом 40? Это... А, это где магази´н «Инти´м»?
Driver: - Ah? House 40? This… Is this where the sex shop is?
Девушка: - Нет! Нет, там... там про´сто дом.
Girl: No! No, there is… there is just a house there.


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