Learn Russian online: Email and Internet

Email and Internet

Today's dialog sounds a bit cryptic, but so is the Internet lingo in any language. Russians, too, have their own internet slang which sometimes is unclear even to Russians. Let's clarify the office colleagues' talk and learn a bit about the Russian internet world.

Our grammar part deals with question words "где" и "куда´" ("where") and "како´й" и"что" ("what").


Он: …А контра´кт лу´чше на мы´ло.
He: …And (you'd) better (send) the contract to the soap.
Она: Куда´?
She: Where to?
Он: На и-мэйл. На по´чту...
He: To the email (address). To the mail…
Она: Како´й а´дрес?
She: What address?
Он: "R"...
He: "R…"
Она: Что?
She: What?
Он: "R"... как "Я" наоборо´т.
He: "R" … like "Я" backwards.
Она: "Я" наоборо´т...
She: "Я" backwards.
Он: "U" как ма´ленькая "И". "S" как до´ллар.
He: "U" is like a small "И."S" is like a dollar (sign).
Она: S как до´ллар...
She: S like a dollar…
Он: Соба´ка.
He: The dog.
Она: Что ты сказа´л?
She: What did you say?
Он: Ну, соба´ка.
He: Well, the dog.
Она: Где?
She: Where?
Он: Где-где! По´сле “S”!
He: What d'you mean: "Where?"! After the "S"!


iosonofabio 22.12.2012
ah, and the last question of the test is missing ;-)
iosonofabio 22.12.2012
собака... отлично! In Italian it's called "the snail"... very funny!

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