Learn Russian online: Calling a Taxi

Calling a Taxi

Whether you're late, in a hurry, or just don't want the inconvenience of using public transportation, the natural thing will be to call a taxi. This isn't exactly the case in Moscow, where the taxi service could sometimes be better and where there are traffic jams galore. Still, there comes a time when calling a cab is the only solution.

Our lesson will help you to order a taxi and will warn you about some of the more unsavory aspects of the Russian service mentality. In today's grammar, we are dealing with time references: When exactly did you want your taxi to be there? And when will it actually arrive? Let's find it out in the lesson.


Мужчина: Алло´, де´вушка. Я заказа´л такси´ на 8:00 (во´семь ноль-ноль) на Цветно´й бульва´р.
Man: Hello, ma'am. I ordered a taxi for 8 o'clock for the Tsvetnoy boulevard.
Оператор: Цветно´й бульва´р, 1 (оди´н)? Да, был зака´з.
Operator: Tsvetnoy boulevard 1? Yes, there was an order.
Мужчина: Где маши´на?
Man: Where is the car?
Оператор: Бу´дет че´рез 15 (пятна´дцать) мину´т.
Operator: It's going to be there in 15 minutes.
Мужчина: Как че´рез пятна´дцать? Уже 8:10 (во´семь де´сять)!
Man: How (come) in 15 minutes! It's 8:10 already!
Оператор: Все маши´ны за´няты.
Operator: All the cars are busy.
Мужчина: А я что до´лжен де´лать?
Man: And what am I supposed to do?
Оператор: Не зна´ю. Ждать.
Operator: I don't know. Wait.


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