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Mobile Communication

Let's turn off our cell phones, everybody, and do some Russian! Today's topic will be – guess what? Cell phones and text messaging in Russia. Russians love these little handy toys as much as anyone, and they sometimes overdo their mobile communication, but don't we all?

Today's grammar deals with the one and only past form of Russian verbs – very easy! Also, we'll learn how to say "I love you" as a sweet addition.


Он: Приве´т, как дела´? Звони´ла?
He: Hi, what's up? Have you called?
Она: Да, и писа´ла смс.
She: Yes, and I wrote you text messages as well.
Он: Извини´, я был в метро´.
He: Sorry, I was in the subway.
Она: Я звони´ла мно´го раз.
She: I called (you) many times.
Он: Пото´м я был за´нят.
He: Afterwards, I was busy.
Она: И писа´ла мно´го смс.
She: And I wrote (you) many text messages.
Он: Так, что ты хоте´ла?
He: So, what did you want?
Она: Сказа´ть, как люблю´ тебя´, ми´лый!
She: To tell you how I love you, honey!


cheryl.brayton1 11.11.2015
It is not letting me on this site. I have a membership. It isn't expired until the 21st!
Nikita Petrov 15.08.2013
Here's the translation, Steve: "The subscriber is not available. Leave the message after the signal."
steve 24.07.2013
Funny stuff...Please translate the abonent message from the operator as well

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