Learn Russian online: Super-VIP hotel

Super-VIP hotel

Welcome to Russia! And welcome to our Super-VIP Deluxe hotel! Would you prefer this fancy suite for a price any millionaire could afford, or that cute standard room with no bathroom? This lesson will prepare you for the most typical surprises of Russian hotels and teach you some very useful expressions in dealing with them.

In today’s grammar, we learn how to say that you have got something, in our case a reservation.


Мужчина: Здра´сьте. У меня´ бронь.
Man: Hello. I've got a reservation.
Девушка (портье): Мо´жно ваш па´спорт? Так. Да, у вас но´мер су´пер-вип-люкс, пра´вильно?
Receptionist: May I have your passport? O.K. Yes, you’ve got a super VIP deluxe room, is that right?
Мужчина: Как люкс? Как су´пер-вип? Ско´лько он сто´ит?
Man: How come a deluxe room? How come super VIP? How much does it cost?
Девушка: Сейча´с у нас а´кция. Всего 20 000 (два´дцать ты´сяч) за´ ночь.
Receptionist: We’ve got a special offer now. It’s only 20 thousand per night.
Мужчина: Спаси´бо, лу´чше станда´рт.
Man: Thanks, I’d rather have a standard room.
Девушка: Как, тако´й мужчи´на, и станда´рт? Нет! У нас есть сьют, всего´ за 10 000 (де´сять ты´сяч).
Receptionist: How come? Such a man, and a standard room? No! We’ve got a suite, only for 10 thousand.
Мужчина: Ничего´ себе´.
Man: Holy smokes.


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