Learn Russian online: Do you have an apartment?

Do you have an apartment?

What makes a Russian man truly attractive? For some, it's the fact that he owns an apartment – or better still, a country house and a car, too. The favorite types of property in Russia are the topic of today's podcast. But will they make the man eligible after all?

Today's grammar section will show you how to say that you own something, and how to specify your possessions as yours using such pronouns as "my" and "your".


Девушка: Ой, Андре´й, а что это на фо´то? Это твоя´ да´ча?
Girl: Oh, Andrey, what is it in the picture? Is this your dacha?
Андрей: Да. Это моя´ да´ча и моя´ маши´на.
Andrey: Yes. This is my dacha and my car.
Девушка: Здо´рово. А кварти´ра у тебя´ то´же есть?
Girl: That's nice. And do you have an apartment as well?
Андрей: Да, коне´чно.
Andrey: Yes, of course.
Девушка: А... жена´ у тебя´ есть?
Girl: And… do you have a wife?
Андрей: Да, у меня´ есть жена´, и у нас есть де´ти – сын и дочь.
Andrey: Yes, I've got a wife and we have kids – a son and a daughter.
Девушка: Нда. Это пло´хо.
Girl: Oh, what a shame.
Андрей: Почему пло´хо?
Andrey: Why is it a shame?


moccaa 13.12.2013
The image of Russian girl who wants a rich man?
kasraei.lord 23.12.2012
you`re Awesome

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