Learn Russian online: Moscow subway

Moscow subway

Time to visit something very beautiful and at the same time very useful! Today's topic is Moscow subway system. The beauty of its stations is legendary, and it will also get you around the city faster than any car. In this lesson, you'll learn how to pay for your trip and to find your way around the subway.

Today's grammar is all about big numbers: Subway doesn't cost much, but it's still important to count your hundreds and thousands of rubles.


Мужчина: 10 (де´сять) пое´здок.
Man: 10 rides (tickets).
Кассирша: Ско´лько?
Cashier: How many?
Мужчина: 10 (де´сять).
Man: Ten.
Кассирша: А ме´ньше нет?
Cashier: Don't you have smaller (bills)?
Мужчина: Нет. То´лько 5000 (пять ты´сяч).
Man: No. Only five thousand.
Кассирша: А у меня´ нет сда´чи. Клав! Сда´ча 4700 (четы´ре семьсот´) бу´дет?
Cashier: And I don't have change. Klava! Do you have 4700 in change?
Клава: Не-а.
Klava: Nope.
Кассирша: Мужчи´на, нет сда´чи.
Cashier: Sir, I've got no change.
Мужчина: Вот блин, а. Oп...
Man: Oh, damn. Hoopla... (jumps over the ticket barrier)


Natalia RusPod 13.01.2013
gretchen.cashion, thanks a lot for your help! It's correct now.
Gretchen Yurovsky 12.01.2013
здравствуйте! On the "test" for this lesson there is a computer error. On the 2nd grammar section, the last option is incorrect. It gives the entire last line, rather than one word.

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