Learn Russian online: Russian customs

Russian customs

Today, we have to go through the Russian customs inspection. Nobody has ever escaped this procedure, so it's better to learn how to deal with it in style: with all the necessary words and tips. We'll also talk about bribing Russian officials, but no worries, we are not going to teach you that.

In our grammar part, we'll learn more forms of possessive pronouns.


Таможеник: Это ваш бага´ж?
Customs official: Is this your luggage?
Муж: Да, чемода´н наш.
Husband: Yes, it's our suitcase.
Таможеник: Что у вас там?
Customs official: What have you got there?
Жена: Оде´жда, сувени´ры...
Wife: Clothes, souvenirs…
Таможеник: А это что? Конья´к, ви´ски, бре´нди, и ещё´ бре´нди...
Customs official: And what is this? Cognac, whiskey, brandy, and another brandy...
Жена: Серге´й, это твоё´?!
Wife: Sergey, is this yours?
Таможеник: Это ва´ше?
Customs official: Is this yours?
Муж: Бы´ло моё´, а тепе´рь уже´ ва´ше.
Husband: It was mine, and now it's yours.
Жена: Серге´й, э´то же взя´тка!
Wife: Sergey, but this is a bribe!
Муж: Не взя´тка, а пода´рок!
Husband: It's not a bribe, it's a present!


mamadourbamba 10.11.2015
Does that really happen in Russia?
kstome 18.04.2014
Could you be punished in Russia for giving a bribe? Or is it just receiving one that is illegal?
Nikita Petrov 12.08.2013
Niickblase, thanks! Will fix it soon.
niickblase 11.08.2013
Under the section for the "Emphatic же," The last example isn't bolded, at least in my browser. Thanks for the lesson!

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