Learn Russian online: No more 1990s

No more 1990s

Russian business isn't always clean and fair. Why is the businessman in our dialog going crazy? Because his former partner is refusing to pay him back, and is afraid neither of the tax agency, nor even of a legal suit. These businessmen of today! Life was much simpler back in the 90s when a scammer like this one would be simply eliminated.

In this lesson, we'll learn more about the inglorious 1990s in Russia and discuss a grammatical construction that helps to express wishes and demands.

Picture: A still shot from Alexey Balabanov's Жму´ркиDead Man's Bluff (2005)


Бизнесмен: Верни´те де´ньги, сво´лочи!
Businessman (on the phone): Give me my money back, you bastards!
Бывший партнер: Что он говори´т?
His former partner: What is he saying?
Секретарша партнера: Он хо´чет, что´бы мы верну´ли долг.
Partner's secretary (she's doing the phone talking): He wants us to pay the debt.
Бизнесмен: Я к вам отпра´влю нало´говую! Гото´вьтесь!
Businessman: I'll send the taxmen to you! Be prepared!
Партнер: Что тепе´рь?
Partner: What now?
Секретарша: Говори´т, что´бы гото´вились к нало´говой.
Secretary: He's saying that we should prepare ourselves for the tax agency.
Бизнесмен: Я на вас в суд пода´м! Жди´те!
Businessman: I'll sue you! Just you wait!
Партнер: Тепе´рь что?
Partner: Now what?
Секретарша: Говори´т, что в суд пода´ст. Говори´т, что´бы жда´ли.
Secretary: He' s saying that he'll sue us. He's saying that we should wait.
Партнер: Го´споди, как ми´ло: суд, нало´говая... Всё-таки хорошо´, что сейча´с не девяно´стые.
Partner: Gods, how sweet: a trial, a tax agency... Jolly nice that the 90s are over.


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