Learn Russian online: Sleep, little one, go to sleep

Sleep, little one, go to sleep

It's beddy-buy time! Well, obviously not for us grown-ups. Instead, let's stay up and learn a famous lullaby loved by generations of Russian kids. It was also used as a cover song of the first Russian kids' TV-show Goodnight, Little Ones. See if you can recognize the melody.

In today's grammar, we are fininshing the imperatives: The last imperative ending is .

Music: Bernhard Flies
Russian lyrics: Sophia Sviridenko
Singer: Elena Kamburova 
Picture: A still shot from the Goodnight, Little Ones cover.


Спи, моя´ ра´дость, усни´!
Sleep, my joy, sleep!
В до´ме пога´сли огни´.
The lights are out in the house.
Пти´чки зати´хли в саду´,
The birdies have calmed down in the garden,
Ры´бки усну´ли в пруду´.
The little fish have fallen asleep in the pond.
Мы´шка за пе´чкою спит,
A little mouse is sleeping behind the stove,
Ме´сяц в око´шко гляди´т,
The crescent moon is looking into the window,
Гла´зки скоре´е сомкни´,
Close your eyes fast,
Спи, моя´ ра´дость, усни´!
Sleep my joy, sleep.


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