Learn Russian online: Lada's Last Stand

Lada's Last Stand

Bad news awaits us in today's lesson: A car crash is never fun. But wait a minute, are we talking about a Soviet-era Zhiguli here? In this case, a car crash might be a blessing in disguise. Let's find out why in this lesson, and have a look at cars and Russian car industry in particular.

We continue with the imperative mood of verbs. Today's grammar is about a form of imperative which ends on the "soft sign" – ь.


Юля: Приве´т! Ты почему´ тако´й гру´стный?
Yulia: Hi! Why are you so sad?
Андрей: Будь дру´гом, оста´вь меня´ в поко´е.
Andrey: Do me a favor, leave me alone.
Юля: Тааак. Сядь. Что случи´лось?
Yulia: Okay. Sit down. What happened?
Андрей: Маши´ну разби´л вчера´.
Andrey: I crashed my car yesterday.
Юля: Это "Жигули´" что ли?
Yulia: Do you mean your Zhiguli?
Андрей: Ну да, моя´ ми´лая вишнё´вая "Ла´да".
Andrey: Well yeah, my sweet cherry Lada.
Юля: Да э´то ку´ча мета´лла, а не маши´на!
Yulia: That's a pile of metal, and not a car!
Андрей: Переста´нь, пожа´луйста!
Andey: Would you stop it please!
Юля: Ну да, я забы´ла: о поко´йниках или хорошо´, или ничего´!
Yulia: Oh right, I forgot: One shouldn't speak ill of the dead!


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